Autumn Line is a boutique video and motion design collective focused on crafting unique, scalable, and impactful motion services for anything that needs to move on a screen. We pride ourselves in our ability to be nimble; to scale up to the largest of projects, or keep our footprint light for the smallest ones.

Our roots are heavy in snowboarding and skateboarding. Autumn Line started in 2002 by brothers Adam and Matt Porter, producing in-house full length snowboard films. After filming and traveling the globe with dozens of amazing pro riders, sponsors, filmers and others, and after releasing seven internationally distributed films, we shifted our focus.

We found our real love in post-production and motion graphics. Nowadays, Autumn Line provides motion and cinema services, not only for snow and skate brands, but TV networks, record labels, digital agencies and some big name household brands including Adidas, Heineken, LinkedIn, Universal Music Group, Sony, RCA Records, Interscope, Transworld Snowboarding, and artists like Maroon 5, Wu Tang Clan, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Daughtry, Demi Lovato, and dozens more.

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